Inflatable chairs - DREAM, yellow spirals

Inflatable chairs DREAM, yellow, Fatra
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The original inflatable lounger with which you are not even on the water or under the water, enjoy with him but a lot of fun.
Inflatable lounger is made ​​of yellow PVC film with a simple print spirals.
Lounger can be purchased in two colors - yellow and green.

Inflating instructions

  • Inflate the product at a minimum temperature of +15°C.
  • If the product is brought packed from a colder environment, allow it to warm up for at least 8 hours.
  • Inflate the product at a safe distance from sharp edges and objects.
  • The product must be mouth-inflated by an adult – avoid using a compressor or any other source of compressed air.
  • Do not over-inflate the product. The product must be gently wrinkled along the perimeter.
  • Open the valve to release some air if ambient temperature increases.

Storage, maintenance, repairs

  • After use, wash the product with clean water, dry, deflate and fold the product.
  • Lukewarm water containing detergent may also be used for cleaning.
  • Ink, aniline colours and long-term contact with rubber cause permanent stains.
  • To repair punctures (outside the welded area) use an adhesive for plasticised PVC.

Technical information

Lounger dimensions150 cm
Capacity chairs60-70 kg
Number of inflatable chambers2

PVC foils

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm
Weight0,60 kg
Use at temperatures+5oC až 40oC

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