Inflatable toy, Little Horse

Inflatable toy, Little horse, Fatra
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Horses are admired for their grace and elegance. With its minimum costs and maximum fun, the inflatable one by Fatra fits perfectly to your home.

Horses are admired for their grace, speed and elegance. By the way, the town of Napajedla, where Fatra is based, has been famous for over 100 years for breeding these noble animals. So the little horse makes a logical addition to the line of Fatra inflatable retro toys.

The orange thoroughbred by Fatra is a wonderful present for kids to practise their jockey skills. Unlike a real horse, the purchase costs are minimal, and you do not have to worry about feeding, cleaning up after or owning a stable. Simply inflate the horse for your steeplechase to start.

Size750x800 mm

PVC foils

The thickness of the foils0,3 mm
Weight0,5 kg

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