• Complaints are dealt in usual way through General Business Terms.
  • The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after the delivery of the goods. Withdrawal shall be made in writing to e-mail address: Then send the goods to address of sender with sign “E-SHOP - FATRA” within 5 working days after the withdrawal. Goods must be returned undamaged.

Damage shipment

  • Please check the shipment carefully during upon acceptance from the carrier. A shipment that appears to be damaged do not accept.

Goods are incomplete or does not match the order

Goods are defective

  • Please put in the email: buyer´s name, e-mail, phone number, number of claimed shipment, date of the dispatch of shipment, date of arrival of the shipment, complaint problem.
  • Responsible officer will provide complete and professional information about the defect and evaluate whether the defect can be removed or whether is necessary iniciate a complaint procedure.

Claims must be processed within the statutory time limit of 30 calendar days. This period starts the day after the goods are delivered to the company Fatra, as and ends with the settlement of claims with the seller. Warranty of goods sold does not apply to defects caused by normal use of the product, improper use and improper storage of the product.

Transport packaging products dramatically highlight the "E-SHOP - COMPLAINT".

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